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Signaling and Telecommunications

What is signaling and telecommunication

Signaling and Telecommunications Signal and Telecommunication is responsible for installation and maintenance of Signaling system essential for the safe & speedy movement of trains and Telecommunication systems required for the effective utilization of the large fleet of locomotives and other rolling stock and track as well as for the administration of the vast Railway Network. Ongoing EDFC Project from Mirzapur to Mughal Sarai new line:

The Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL) is developing the eastern and western freight corridors with a cumulative length of over 3,000 km.

. Design and Construction of Signal and Telecom Works for double line Railway involving Train detection System
. Electronic Interlocking in Stations
. Automatic Signaling in Block Sections
. Train Monitoring and diagnostics Systems
. Laying of PVC Safety/Warning Tape
. Track Crossing of cable across formation
. HDPE Duct laying for OFC
. Blowing of OFC cable in the HDPE duct laid in the trench as per instruction given in the design team
. Interlocking of level Crossing Gates, dispatch Telephone Systems, Fibre Optic Communication System, GSM(R) System, Digital Electronic Exchange.
. The Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC) project is part of India’s Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) programmed, which aims to create.
. Laying of Signaling/Power/Quad cables of various cores/pairs/quads in trenches/GI pipes/RCC/DWC pipes/etc. including laying of cables in track.
. Meggering of all Cables before and after its laying and submitting the maggering reports of each testing to PMC
. Signal Foundation Casting (Block Section)
. Main Signal Installation (Block Section)
. Painting, Fitting, Termination, Wiring, etc. with complete installation including testing of Full and Half Location Box
. Painting, Fitting, Termination, Wiring, etc. with complete installation including testing of Terminal Box

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